Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Every Time You Think of Greenery & Beauty Think of the Enchanting Kerala Travel Packages.

As you think of Kerala, the first thing that you can relate to is an unimaginable splendour and a calming effect that's both relieving and eerie, since, the city dwellers are not used to such peaceful ambiance. Dressed in glossy tea gardens, Kerala, cradled in the arms of the Western Ghats is famed for its hilly resorts and lush green forests.

Encased by the protective border of the Western Ghats, Kerala enjoys a pleasant subtropical climate. The Kerala hill stations like Idukki, Munnar, Pullumedu & Thekkady are the best destinations that you can visit with your family or your spouse.

Few other hill stations that you might want to include in your list are Vandamedu, Chellarkovil, Vandiperiyar and Pattumala. The world famous Kerala beaches are known for their exceptional elegance and beauty.

Kovalam & Varkala are the most popular beaches while Thanagasseri, Cheria, Tanur, Padinharekara, 
 Bypore and Kappad are some of the other popular beaches.

In fact, Kovalam is an internationally recognized beach resort for the tourists coming with family and friends, since quite a long time. The edges fringed with the coconut & palm trees make Kovalam an enticing piece of mystery that unfolds into three small beaches.

This beach is further famed for the ayurvedic treatments and yoga sessions. The Marraikulam housing the Marari beach is another attraction, not to be missed out.

The astounding wildlife and Kerala travel packages offer you a peaceful sojourn across the lustrous green & humid jungle. The exotic tropical rain forests complimenting the diverse flora and fauna. You can either go for a tour from Calicut to Wayanad or opt for Cochin to Thekkady. The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary housing the endangered and rare grizzled squirrel in India is an ideal destination for trekking activities.

The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is another destination for the adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. Muthunga Wildlife Sanctuary is another gorgeous attraction you must not miss out.

The best Kerala travel packages are designed and created by the top Kerala travel packages designers who are industry experts with complete knowledge of the popular destinations and the facilities that you can avail in those places. Their travel packages are very flexible and can be altered to suit the budgetary and other needs of the touring groups.

Kerala Delight 9 NightsAll Kerala travel packages centric information is available in the company websites at competitive prices. You must compare the prices quoted by different companies so that you can take your decision wisely and avail the best packages within your budget.

The popular Kerala travel packages include honeymoon packages, beach packages, wildlife packages, hill station packages, houseboat packages and backwater packages to name some. Each of the packages are crafted with special emphasis on the choices of different touring groups.

Framing the packages in a flexible manner is very important so that the changing requirements of different clients can be accommodated appropriately. Kerala is one place which you cannot explore at once and one vacation is not enough. Retrospect the exotic beauty of the Kerala beaches, backwaters and tea gardens with the best Kerala travel packages from top travel planning companies.


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