Friday, 24 October 2014

The best of Kerala is depicted through Munnar

India is that one country where Nature had displayed the best from its store. The beauty of India is a worldwide phenomenon and its one of the sole reasons that it has gained its popularity by making its name in the list of the most visited land in the world.  Devoid of any doubt one can acclaim India a true heaven. Though whole of India is embellished with the beauty of nature Kerala is one place in whole India where you can witness beauty at its best. Kerala alone captures all the beautiful beaches and magnificent landscapes. If you are a beach lover, Kerala gives you in abundance and even if you are a hill station admirer you are most welcomes by this place as Kerala alone imprison the most exotic beauty of India.

This piece of writing mainly focuses on the best hill station in Kerala and Kerala tour packages gives you the best from its stock. Munnar tour packages are the first step towards your journey to the most beautiful hill station in whole Kerala. This package delivers you the best and promises you a trip most memorable trip you wouldn’t be able to get rid of. Munnar tour packages assures your trip to all the most popular and main attractions of the place. Post discussing about the main and important essence of the place I would further like to describe the place with Munnar in is possession of.  It has been known that the beauty of Kerla is best described through Munnar and one would fall in live with the very place and will extend the idea of leaving the place sooner and will be compelled to extend his journey anyhow.
Kerala tour packages have all sorts of package 
for the one seeking for visiting solely to Munnar. You can select the package of your choice and depending on your budget and timing. Munnar has got its name from the three rivers who meet here, “moonu” means three and “aaru” mean rivers. Beside this these three main rivers are included among the tourist destination. Munnar is known for its major tea plantation and Tata Tea Museum in this aspect is another destination waiting for you. Tata has made its name under one of the most renowned companies in the whole world and foe more Tata tea is the second leading manufacture of tea worldwide. Covering these two main destinations further few more places waits you. Situated at an altitude of 17 meters it has many to give you. Another amazing would be alleppey situated in the distance of few kilometers from Munnar. The place is known as “Venice of the East” and you will board a boathouse where you will be taken through the narrow canals and witness the infinite greenery. Further you can visit the Wildlife Sanctuary to witness the most amazing species which are on the verge of extinction like NilgiriTahr and Mongoose etc. Munnar in true sense is a journey of lifetime. 

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